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Pit Magazine - Issue 7

"What does good charcoal look like? For me there is only one choice and that has to be sustainably sourced and responsibly made British lumpwood charcoal.

Good charcoal is a really pure product – the very best is about 90%, around 60% for the imported stuff – and logic tells me that burning something pure is going to make food taste better than burning something impure. With good charcoal you can spark it up and cook on it super-fast, as quickly as 5-10 minutes for the very best stuff.

Every single bag we buy we show our support to the makers and send out the message that we want this type of fuel for our fires.

There are many makers up and down the land making good, responsible charcoal and I urge you to seek them out. Ask around on social media, search the internet, talk to people like me. Make a difference, to your cooking and to our planet."

Stag British Charcoal is proud to be listed as one of the 5 top charcoal producers, with the most environmentally sound production procedures in the UK by Genevieve Taylor.


Daily Telegraph, 18th July 2020

In a 3-page article "Your A-Z of BBQ", Stag British Charcoal is mentioned on the front page of the Saturday Section as one of Genevieve Taylor's 3 favourite charcoal producers.