Stag BioChar - 5 litre Gardeners' Bucket
Stag BioChar - 5 litre Gardeners' Bucket

Stag BioChar - 5 litre Gardeners' Bucket

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Biochar is defined simply as charcoal that is used for agricultural purposes. Our BioChar is 100% BioChar and will require mixing with compost  - follow the instructions on the label  

 Biochar can improve many types of soil, making them more productive(but not all).

Exactly how and why it ‘works’ is still being actively researched. Evidence points to the fact that biochar:

  • Enhances plant growth and root development.
  • Contains some nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Increases microbial life within the soil: this helps to enhance plant growth, through increased soil levels of available nutrients and better disease and pest resistance.
  • Reduces fertiliser requirements: biochar seems to be able to hold on to the nitrogen that is added to the soil in chemical fertilisers, releasing the nitrogen more steadily to the plant and reducing nitrate pollution to rivers.
  • Suppresses methane emissions from the soil (CH4, a global warming potential 21 times higher than Carbon dioxide).
  • Reduces nitrous oxide emissions from soil (N2O, a global warming potential 300 times higher than Carbon dioxide).
  • Reduce the loss of added nutrients from the soil.
  • Raises soil pH (i.e. reduces soil acidity)
  • Is able to hold a lot of water and this helps provide water to plants in some drought-prone soils.
  • Increase soil aggregation, improving soil aeration.

And here’s the really clever bit. Every time you dig in 1kg of biochar to your soil, not only do you see great results, you can be proud that together we have helped a forest to take 3.6kg of CO2 out of the atmosphere and bury it in your veg patch!

Simply put, it’s great for the environment and perfect for the garden.