Shipping Costs explained

I've been asked several times to explain how the shipping costs work.

Its a bit complicated but here goes; we use UKMail to deliver most of our boxes of charcoal, each box can hold up to 3x 6kg bags of charcoal (18kg). All courier firms use a measurement called 'volumentrics' to determine the actual weight the box or package could hold if completely full and it is this weight plus the footprint of the box that is used to calculate the shipping cost. 

Some Charcoal producers subsidise the cost of delivery to get the sale - BUT, Stag Charcoal is a small rural business that cannot afford to do this, so we do the next best thing - the price it costs us to deliver is the price you, the customer pays. No extras, no sneaky profit margins.

Deliveries to places like the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Shetland Islands, Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland will always be expensive due to locality.

Hope that explains the shipping charges.