Charcoal Supplies

I've had some comments about charcoal listed as sold out when the shop went live.

We source timber from local woodlands, process it stack in special vented crates/bags/cages and then leave it to season for a period of time. As this processed timber may also be sold as HETAS accredited / Grown in Britain firewood, the moisture content has to be 25% or less.

This is also an idea moisture content if the timber is going to be cooked to make charcoal - but it takes TIME, anything from 12 - 24 months depending on a number of factors; species, size of processed timber, moisture in air, ventilation amongst others.

We season timber both undercover and outside as shown in the image with this blog post.

Currently I have 10 tonnes of English Beech seasoning - but the tree was only felled last week, so its going to be at least 8 - 12 months before its ready to cook.

I also have 30 tonnes of English Oak stacked ready for processing - but it takes time.

Good news is that I have 30 tonnes of Hornbeam with a moisture content of 15%, available to cook into charcoal as required.

Hope this helps.