Charcoal Blend Review

This review comes from Gareth Morgan at Hog Heaven BBQ's ( who very kindly trialled a bag of my latest batch that contains London Plane (Platanus hispanica). This is the tree with mottled flaky bark that is seen lining many of the streets in London.

Its an amazing tree as its pollution tolerant, responsible for absorbing pollution in our nations capital. 

"Matt Edmonds asked me to review a different blend he has created this week, which includes London Plane. 

There is a noticeable blue tint to the charcoal, apart from that it's the usual fist-sized chunks you expect from Stag Charcoal, with the sound of broken glass when you break a piece.

The first pic of unlit charcoal went in the drum at 9am-ish and ran at 300F-ish till 2pm. I then shut the air down and the second pic is the unspent charcoal, ready for the next day.

I would guess base design on how much the basket normally holds, and how much was left in the bag, that this 5 hour cook has used approx 2 - 2.5kg of lump.

Lovely rich earthy smell From this lump, and cracking efficiency that you don't often see on other charcoal."