Applewood Logs
Applewood Logs

Applewood Logs

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When you burn Applewood, hundreds of small chemical reactions occur simultaneously; sugar molecules in the wood caramelise in the intense heat and exude a sweet fruity perfume, while other natural components produce a distinctive aromatic taste and enticing smokiness.

It has by nature a sublime sweet smell, which is great for cooking and smoking as it burns hot without giving off much flame. The flavour is mildly smoky with hints of fruity sweetness.

Perfectly matched with poultry and shellfish, but will complement just about anything you want to cook.

Supplied in a 20 litre box.

As it’s a natural product the number & size of logs will vary, the average weight of the box is approx 10kg.  The Applewood will have a moisture content of approximately 20 - 25%.

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We get asked - Does the Applewood smoke a lot?

Our Applewood has been seasoned and dried undercover to ensure its in the optimum condition to cook with. Smoke is a necessary process as the wood breaks down, produces flames and eventually embers to cook over. Whenever you are cooking with wood, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.